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  • 21FEB

    NEW Training Cycle Template!

    Length of Cycle: 5 Weeks (2/22 to 3/26) Purpose of Cycle: Open Season   Characteristics of New Cycle: WOD’s Open Tester or Open Simulator Long Mixed Modality WOD Muscular Endurance Tester or Lactic Endurance OPEN WOD 16.1 to 16.5 Recovery WOD Team WOD   Characteristics of New Cycle: Strength+WOD M: Front Squat Waveload+Open WOD/Simulator T:

  • 28JAN
    AirBNB Brooklyn Half Registration opens TODAY!

    AirBNB Brooklyn Half Registration opens TODAY!

    Registration for the AirBNB Brooklyn Half opens today at noon EST. This is the hottest race in town second only to the TCS NYC Marathon (for which lottery registration is currently open until Feb 21). We encourage you all to join BKCF Co-Owner and avid runner Bobby O. Larrea on his second time running this great event